About Me

 I'm probably pathologically obsessed with politics but I like to hear from people who have ideas and opinions that may or may not agree with mine. It seems to me this may be how our country works best - when we listen, discuss and sometimes disagree.  

It's been said that extremism is the unwillingness to see things from another's point of view. I think we have all had quite enough of that lately. 

What's Next?
    -title of the blog
I'm a fan of Aaron Sorkin and the West Wing.  What's Next is what the character President Bartlet would ask after solving a particularly large problem.  Not to be deterred, rather than mulling over what just happened, he would simply ask, "Okay, so what's next?"

Fair Enough
    -my handle/name on the blog
I had an assignment in High school where I had to write a paper arguing an opinion that was in opposition to mine.   I chose the abortion issue.  At the end of the article, after doing the best I could to put out points of view I didn't believe, I felt obligated to point out why I disagreed.  At the end of my paper, the teacher wrote, "Okay - fair enough".  To me it means I see it this way; you see it that way -- fair enough.

The Unfinished Pyramid
    -the first part of the URL (web address)
On the back of the one dollar bill is an unfinished pyramid. The pyramid symbolizes strength and durability. The unfinished pyramid implies the country grows and improves as we continue to build.