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The controversy over Arizona’s “Paper’s Please” legislation started before it was passed. Arizona’s Jan Brewer inherited the governorship after then governor Janet Napalatano became Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security.

Right off the bat, the new Governor’s approval rating was in the 40s. And it was made worse when she raised taxes to cover a deficit gap that all states were feeling. In some poles her soon to be opponent, Democrat Terry Goddard had a slim lead

                                            - a highschool story.
When I was in high school in the late 80s we learned about Jim Crow and Loving v the State of Virginia.  One of my classmates at the time noticed that it was only 20 years ago. 

It seemed absurd to us that people of different races couldn't be at a restaurant together much less get married.  How could it have been only 20 years? We were all stunned.

Dorothy Irene Height

" I believe we hold in our hands the power once again to shape not only our own but the nation's future -- a future that is based on developing an agenda that radically challenges limitations in our economic development, educational achievement and political empowerment."

- Dorothy Irene Height
(March 24,1912-April 20, 2010)

Hillary: The Movie
During the 2008 election primaries a group called Citizens United created a movie/documentary about Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. 
'Hillary: The Movie' was a right-wing, scathing criticism of Mrs. Clinton....

The Supreme court 130 S.Ct. 876 (2010)  called the McCain-Feingold's bill.  " outright ban on speech, backed by criminal sanctions. "
Corporations now have the right of free speech.                                 

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